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i’m collecting a bibliography of a writer. very often he published an article in a book. i have an entry for the article, i have an entry for the book. now i want to use the “reprint edition” field. when i copy and paste the books entry into that field, it shows as {XXXX, 1894 #1219}. Will that update once i change the entry #1219, i.e. i find out that the book was already published in 1893? Or am I missing a better way to create a connection between to entries?

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It will maintain the link if you edit the library reference by placing your cursor in the formated citation and choosing Tools>Endnote>edit library reference(s) or the same option from the toolbar,  but it won’t up date other citations in the same manuscript if you change the YEAR field, as that is one of the criteria that Endnote uses to match temporary citations with those in the library.  If one of those no longer matches, it will use the old information stored in the travelling library.  Unformating all references and reformating with the corrected library - will prompt to replace the citation that no longer matches exactly.  Then you also need to re-engage CWYW options from the 3rd tab of the reformat bibliography menu. 

thanks for your help! but i think i was unclear: i have to link entries not in word, but within endnote. any way i can reference from one entry to the other?

Not automatically. It isn’t a relational database, sorry. 

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too bad, but thanks anyways!


i have read this topic but I’m not sure if it answers to my question too.

I have many works that are journal articles collected in a book or, just to give another example, a book collected in a series or even just a chapter (not a published work) of a book.

I use different "reference type"s for this tre:

“Book” → for books in a series

“Book part” → for chapters in a book


“Book article” (a type created by me) → for articles collected in a book

Because I often Have References both for the series, the entire book, the article and/or the chapter, I wold like to know if it’s possible to create a sort of link between all this references, just to evoid to re-type-in the same information, evoiding to make mistakes.

For exemple:

I have cited a book, so I have insert the referernce. 

Than I have to insert the reference of an article is in this book: is it possible to Write down just the information of the articles and tell to the program tha it is conteined in the book already refered?

I hope I have explained my issues clearly enough.

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P.S.: I have endnote x2

No.  That would require a relational database.  – what I do in those instances, is Copy (ctrl C) Paste (ctrl V) the record and change the items that need changing (-- or make one without the variable information and copy and paste that as many times as you need - and fill in the empty fields- but I rarely have that kind of foresight!

Why not just enter all the article and book data in your reference information (yes, cutting and pasting the book and editor data) in each and save yourself editing footnotes or otherwise messing around? Most academic citation styles do require you to cite the source book data as well as the chapter or article anyway, and CWYW does this for you if you use that. I also find it useful to make sure I havea ‘short title’ entered for both the article/chapter and the source book in these circumstances, so the footnotes don’t get too long. Eg long form first citation woudl be (*using Oford author title): McGoldrick, Dominic, ‘Extraterritorial Application of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights’, in Fons Coomans and Menno T. Kamminga (eds.), Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties (1st edn.; Antwerp, Oxford: Intersentia, 2004), 41-72. But using CWYW and short title, the second refrence becomes: McGoldrick, ‘Extraterritorial Application of the ICCPR’, in Coomans and Kamminga (eds.) (2004), 48.’ (This asssumes you have a bibliography, but if not you can cross-ref to the footnote where it was first fully cited).