book section refer to edited book

is it possible, that a book section refers to it’s corresponding edited book. For example: I create a new book section, and instead of typing in the book title i refer to an existing reference of the edited book.

No - Endnote is not a relational database.  You need to enter the information for the edited book into the corresponding fields.  If you have multiple chapters from the same book, enter the book and editor and save and copy that record over as many as needed and then fill in the chapter information. 

thank you for your advice.

another question: is there an option, so that the edited book will also be listed in the bibliography, if i cite a book section of the edited book?

The easiest ways are  to insert the book as a citation and then to  hide both the Author and Year using the Edit citation facility from the Endnote toolbar, (which works if you are using an (author, Year) citation format) or to hide it as hidden text in word, especially if it a numbered style.  If (Author, year) output style, you probably should add it when you add the chapter itself, but if numbered you should add it at the end, so it doesn’t mess up the numbering. 

Hi, I’m trying to do the same as the OP. Can you please tell me how to copy a record? Whenever I select “Copy Reference” it tries to get me to copy it to a different library, rather than the one I have open.


select the record in the library view.  Type Ctrl C and Ctrl V and Voila, its copied.