Link citations in the Word document back to EN

"Link citations in the Word document back to EN (by Leanne and many others). Sounds like similar to #5 but actually different. Sometimes, we want to check and edit the Endnote references from the citations in the Word. Sometimes we want to open full text PDF files directly from the citations in Word. “Edit citations - More…” option allows me to check the reference, but not to edit. If we can individually select citation, and choose right click menu and “Go to Endnote reference” or “Open full text PDFs”, that’ll be nice."


There is a tool called “Edit Library reference” that may help you accomplish what you are looking for.  The toolbar icons “Edit Citation” and “Edit Library Reference” look pretty similar and it unfortunately isn’t available from the context specific right click menu, but if your cursor is in a formatted citation and you click on that toolbar icon (it is the 6th icon on Word’s Endnote  toolbar)  see if this is the functionality you are wishing for.

Endnote is a pretty feature heavy program, and finding or learning about all the tricks can take some time - and this is just what the forum is for! (not to mention posting suggestions  for improvements). Welcome to our community!   


This does seem to work!

Would be cool to direct to the reference in the library view

or have the reference that was just open in edit mode highlighted when going out of edit reference view

but for me at least that is these suggestions are a minor minor thing…