Right click option on the Ref # in Word


I use Endnote all the time in MS Word. I would like that the number appearing as the reference in the text could be interactive. A double click on the reference with the original MS Word reference manager brings you at the end of the text so you can see the reference. It would be nice to have a similar functionnality with Endnote.

Idealy, it would enable a right-click with many options like see the reference (author names, title, journal, year, vol, page) and also  a direct link to the PDF or online text.

Keep up the good work,

Guillaume Charron

Graduate Fellow in Chemical Biology

Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Microbial Pathogenesis

Rockefeller University

Well, there is a “Edit Citation” command from the tool bar in MS Word. From there, you can see Author, Title, etc.

However, (from here is my message to Thomson Development team), file attachment field is not shown in the box in the Edit Citation even the record has an attachment, and URL link doesn’t work even it looks like hyper-text (blue font and underlined). Is that a feature or bug? Or, is it only with my Endnote X2?