logical operators commands for creating styles

Hello community. As I want to keep my database as efficient as possible I try to model all output designs with output styles configurations.

The challenge for endnote X2.0.1:


I try to link two or more fields in the output style configuration with logical operators (AND, OR, If, than, etc.)


For example:

Secondary Author: Title. In: Conference Name, Conference Location, | Date of Conference.| Place Published:| Year.


If Place Published: is not recorded in a reference, Year. should not appear. I tried to use all possible configurations of “Link Adjacent” and “vertical bar” but it looks, that no logical “if than” connections between fields could be installed.


Of course, it is possible to rename fields in the reference type “Conference proceedings” and solve the challenge, e.g. with a field “Placed Published Year” and configure an output style.


Many thanks!

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