Make citation name one phrase

Hey Everyone,

I am trying to reference the “American Psychiatric Association”, so I want my in-text reference to appear as (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). It is a book, and whenever I enter “American Psychiatric Association” into the author field, It comes up as (Assoication, 2000) for intext. It also comes up as Assoication P.A. in the final bibliography.

How can I get endnote to register American Psychiatric Association as one name?

Thanks :robothappy:

The reason why your in-text citation appears as (Association, 2000) and the bibliography entry displays as “Association, P.A.”  is that EndNote is interpreting “American Psychiatric Association” to be a person’s name. To assist EndNote in distinguishing the name of an organization from a person’s name just add a comma  following the name in the reference’s Author field like this:

American Psychiatric Association ,