Message lost in this forum when trying to posts before login and after login

Message lost in this forum when trying to posts before login and after login.

I tried to reply message. The reply window opened as expected. I wrote reply and click to post. I got error message because I was not logged in. So, I logged in, but instead of posting my message or returning to it, it returned to main window and the message was lost.

That should not happen. Ideally, the message should be posted after login. If that is not possible, it should return to message after login to post it. If that is not possible, it should not allow to click Reply and show field to write such reply before login. Other forums do not have such problem.

Using Safari 12.0 (12606.2.11) on macOS 10.12.6 (16G1510) Sierra.

I know – it has always been that way.  Sometimes I can use the back button and recover the text, I select it all and copy it and start over.  If it is in response to a message you are replying, most often, it will show a “load” button when you try to reply again, and it will have been saved.  If you go to your “name” EndiX - on the right hand side, there are “autosaved drafts” and it might be there?  but again, I don’t know if drafts are saved if you are crafting a new thread.  Mine in that spot are all replies.  

I have tested as you say. No utosaved drafts show after right-click (Control click) my name. Hopefully, this serious issue (data loss) will be fixed soon. Ideally, the forum should be changed to a better one like phpBB, which is awesome (probably the best available) and free:

I do not understand why these other limited forums are still used when great options like phpBB are available. This is a positive criticism and suggestion for administrator’s consideration.

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