mi endnote en office no funciona


cuando intento ingresar nuevas referencias a archivos previos me aparece un error que dice “can’t call method “to literal” on an undefined value at /prod/products/endonote-webapp/ENW-3.14/release/wn/lib/endnoteweb/soapservices/wnserve.pm line 698” y no me deja referenciarlas.

alguien me puede ayudar por favor? 


I am also getting this error today from a location I have signed in from and used before, can anyone offer some insight into what’s going wrong? Whenever I try to enter a reference or edit one I get a pop-up error:

Can’t call method to_literal" on an undefined value at /prod/products/endnote-webapp/ENW-3.14/ro/release/wn/lib/endnoteweb/soapservices/wnserver.pm line 698.

This happens with new and editing old references. The reference appears, but is in curly brackets.

Did you get it sorted?  Based onthis other post, I would suggest calling tech support.  www.endnote.com/support  – other posters are reporting errors such as these.  


I am currently experiencing the same problem and I have emailed tech support. Just in case anyone from Thomson Reuters is reading, may I suggest posting some actual advice on these pages for those who are experiencing this type of troubleshooting? This may allow people to solve this problem faster, and it could prevent Thomson Reuters from wasting their time responding to repeated requests for advice on this. Everybody wins. 

with friendly greetings,


This is a self-help forum which the TR developers and moderators do sometimes drop in on.  The place to go for Thomson Reuters information - is their searchable Knowlegebase at the bottom of the www.endnote.com/support page  – It also helps if us users report back here, when we are given or find the solution.