More then 10 search criteria

I need to be able to find a way to get more then 10 rows for my search filters.  I’m using EndNote 6.

What I need to do is return back any citation that has any of 10 keywords while not having 3 other keywords.

So if a citation has 1 of the 10 include keywords, but also has one of the 3 in the exclude list then I don’t want to return that citation.  I only want to return it if the citation has anyone of the 10, but none of the 3.

Thank you

One way would be to create smart groups and then combine those groups?  Create the first smart group with the 10 key words (or) and then another with the 3 key words (or) and then combine (create a group from groups)  so group A (any of the 10)  NOT B (any of the 3).  

(Assume you are using EndnoteX6 not Endnote 6, but Endnote X7 only has up to 10 too.)  

Hi Leanne,

Thank you for the quick reply.

I created the 2 smart groups, but how do I now create a group referencing them?

Is there a create group from groups option in X6?  I can’t remember…