Better Logic,copying of groups, 10 search term limitation, Update versus Accessed

One thing that irks me about EndNote, that TR’s other product Reference Manager had no problem with, is the 10 search term limitation.   

To often I am going through searching for items, whether it is by PMID/Accession number or by Author, and I run out of search terms - then my only real recourse is to either create several smartgroups and use the groups based on groups option to combine them, only groups based on groups can’t be used in other groups based on groups and won’t sync to endnote online. Or I can choose all search results each time I do the search and put that in a regular group - but that doesn’t update automatically.  This stifles the ability to build decent SQL queries.

My Library of just over 7500 publications has over 1000 groups, smartgroups and groups based on groups.  I shudder everytime I have to make new groups.  Due to the fact that I track publications for over 150 investigators, I am often in the position of creating a separate smart group for each of those PIs.  I have several sets already created, If I was only able to make a mass copy of a groupset and then change one thing in each of them, say the range of time it is looking at or something similar, that would make life so much easier.  I wouldn’t have so many groups (nor would I have so many groups if the logic was easier to construct or the search was not limited to 10 items).

WhileI am railing, I recently had to change the way I do things because EndNote X7.3.2, or what ever the latest is now (6/6/2015), “fixed” the software.  It used to be that whenever one accessed a record the access date field was changed.  That made sense. Now that it is fixed the access date field is only changed when the record is changed, not accessed.  So now there are 2 date fields, Updated and Accessed, which provide the same information - WHY?  The EndNote support team told me that thisis how it is supposed to work, but then why is the field called Access Date?  If you haven’t tried autoamting Endnote in any way you may not have seen mypost on an AutoHotKey script that automatically updates all fields in a record, this script is now broken, because Endnote doesn’t update the accessed Date field anymore if Find Reference Updates doesn’t change  anything in the record.

So either there should be a built in way to automate updates for those people who want and understand that, or there should be an actual field that gets updated whenever a record is accessed/touched, not only updated (it isn’t the Updated Date Field I am talking about, but the Accessed Date field.