Multi-user editing

I know this suggestion has has been made before (2010) but I would still like to see it implied in Endnote. 
What I mean is that multiple users can edit a database at the same time. I am currently using Refman but it is getting terribly outdated and I would like to change my database software. But till now noone has a system with multi-user editing which stucks me in Refman. 

I know the answer the last time (in 2010) is still the answer this time  - it is the underlying database structure that doesn’t allow “sharing” and simultaneously editing the same desktop version of a library.  The work around they have developed is via the associated Endnote Web application.  I think this webcast discusses sharing - although it isn’t a feature I personally use.  

Using the desktop version of Endnote, we use this workaround.  Our IT group runs a script each night that copies my library and folders to a read-only folder so that my colleagues in the lab can use it, but not mess up!  Read only copies can be openned by multiple users at the same time.  They just can’t edit it.