Alternative to RefMan for read/write access

Our organisation has a single database with multiple users requiring simultaneous read/write access. We have been happily using RefMan for a number of years, but now that RefMan is being discontinued we are considering switching to EndNote. However, my understanding is that in EndNote multiple users can access a single library on a read-only basis, but if someone wants to add a reference to the database, all other users have to close the library. This will not work for us as the users of the library are in different locations and it is quite likely that they would need to add references at the same time.

Can anyone suggest either an alternative citation manager, or a work-around for EndNote?

Hello Stephanie,

The latest version of EndNote which is X7 has a new feature called Library sharing which allow up to 14 users to be able to access the same library at the same time. EndNote X7 uses a feature called sync which uses the web version of EndNote to be able to transmit the data between the users in real time.

You can find out more information about this feature on our website.