Multiple references in same citation with organization with comma


I have been able to put in a single reference for an organization with a comma so that it comes out like (Ministry of Silly, Obtrusive Thoughts 2012) by editing the reference in the text (by removing the author and re-typing). However, I now have multiple years and can’t seem to find my way around getting that to work by editing the author name. The outpute either lists two complete individual references, or separates them by a semicolon, not a comma.

e,g, for output: (Ministry of Silly, Obtrusive Thoughts 2012, 2013, 2015)

Any ideas?

Using X5

Thanks for any help!

When dealing with Corporate Authors that have a comma in the name you should enter them in the library in the following format:

Ministry of Silly, Obtrusive Thoughts

You should then get the format you require when the references are cited together.

See the following Knowledge Base Article for more information:

Unfortunately, the fix proposed by TMartin won’t produce the correct citation, just the correct bibliography entry.  It will end up showing just the first half of the organization.  To achieve the output you want in the citation, you will have to hide and add the “author”.  Alternatively you might get away with a period rather than a comma.  Not correct, but it works and looks very similar?  

Rereading your issue,  you might want to hide the whole reference (author and years - or my preference to make the citation itself “hidden text”) and just type in the whole thing, I guess.  (The period rather than double comma, will work though)

I’ll give that a try–thanks for your quick reply.

Seems odd to have to suppress author and year, and not to have a ‘built-in’ format for this, but having read all the previous posts regarding institutional/organizational names with commas, I knew it wouldn’t be straightforward.


As noted by Leanne, you would still need to Exclude the author and type the name into the Prefix box but if you are using a style that will omit the author if it is the same author but different years like APA6th then you would only need to exclude the author on the first one in the group citation. EndNote would automatically be supressing the other citations automatically so you would still end up with the format of

(Ministry of Silly, Obtrusive Thoughts 2012, 2013, 2015)

The setting in the style is under Citations > Author Name > Consecutive Citations by the Same Author

You can find a guide for how to edit styles on our website:

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