Multiple sets of references in same doc

Hey, guys! 

I wanted to insert multiple sets of citations. Basically, I am doing two essays in one word document. I tried the trick with creating sections within the document but the bibliography list still does not appear at the end of each section. Yes, I have selected “create a bibliography for each section” within the output style preferences, so one would expect it to work. 

Also, I am aware I could type the two essays separetely in two word docs but isn’t it really annoying to have to do this.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks



Did you try unformat and remove any residual bibliography and reformat?  And ensure that the document is using the output style (which you did rename, right) that has the revised section parameter.

Cheers, Leanne!

Yes, I’ve done everytthing as you mentioned. The example above was made in a completely new Word document. The output style was saved under a different name with the new setting (separate bibliography for each section).

I have done it correctly before, so the problem must be with the settings of the software somewhere but I just cannot see what the reason might be.

If anyone could suggest something else that will be greatly appreciated. 


Changed style in the document, not just in endnote - right?  (I know- but there are some who don’t). 

Attach the style and let me try it to see if it works for me? 

That was just beautiful. I didn’t know I should have done that as well - didn’t even know there was a setting until you pointed me to it. 

I’ve changed it in Word and it worked like a charm.


Thanks a lot.