My endnote isn't working well

Hi, I am using endnote 8 and office 365. It worked well before. Now, it isnt citing properly. I have tried unistalled/reinstalled both applications and the same problem persists. Attached is how it looks like. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks.

You see the field codes in Word.
Try pressing Alt + F9, then everything should appear normally again.

Thanks! It works! However, another problem happens.

I am using APA. Whenever there are two similar names (authors), my intext citation isn’t properly formatted.

For eg.

it happens like this: (Fairclough, 1995a) - this is correct

When there are another similar authors. it happens like this: (N. Fairclough, 1995a; N.Fairclough, 1995b)

Do you know how to fix this. Thanks.

Thanks! A great help. It works!:smiley:

Assume you figured out the author problem as the post disappeared?  Both records need to have the author entered in exactly the same way.