Problem Word 2007, Endnote X3, APA 5th, (First name Surname, Year) with a author

I am using Word 2007 and Endnote x3, APA 5th style, I have the following problem:
In an article I have 161 citations, for some reason I have a problem with one of the author.
The author is Christopher Day, I have 12 different papers of him in the article. But in some of them the citations appears:
(Christopher Day, 2004) (First name Surname, Year)
In group citations:
(Bottery, 2005; Brennan, 1996; Christopher Day, 2000; C. Day, 2002; C. Day, et al., 2005; Helsby, 1996).
It appears: (Fist name Surname, year), why?
I have another authors with more than 5 papers, but it is only with Day, that I`ve problems.

I hope you can help me,

This is likely caused by Endnote thinking that you have two different Day authors as the surname and it needs to “disambugate” them, according to the APA rules.  In each of the records with Day as the author - (assuming they are the same “Day”) , open the records and copy the author name and first name from one and replace the other with that exact version.  This is usually the result of differences between the entries, so Endnote can’t see that they are the same person. If one record has Christopher Day, another has Day, C. for example; Endnote has no way of knowing if Day, C.  is Day, Carl.  In fact, sometimes even Christopher Day and Day, Christopher can fool Endnote. 

Thanks for the answered!
It’s the same author in every case.
I have checked my records and copy the author name and first name from one and replace the other with that exact version. In a few cases happen that I have Day, C. or Day, Christopher. I ve correct this.
OK, now I have all the references in the same way: Day, Christopher.
But the problem now is:
In my Endnote`s records I have 22 references with Day, Christopher.
When I go to the word document, and search for Day, appears 35 references, some of them repeated. This article has been constructed by another person, but she has send me his references, I have imported them like Traveling Library, correct them and replace with the exact version in every name and surname, but the problem continues, because in Word endnote identifies 35 Day references (some with C., another with Christopher…) but in my endnote web I have 22 references!
So there is no relation between the references in the web and the references that word find.


Because the document is refering back to the “travelling library” version of the refs and not the edited refs in your library I guess.  In EndnoteX3, you will need to unformat a copy of your manuscript back to curly brackets and reformat with your library open (and turn CWYW back on from the third tab of the format bibliography dialog box).  It should prompt for the versions that were introduced from her version of the library, as the record numbers will no longer match.  (This assume you have imported the refs from the manuscript travelling library into your library).  – MAKE SURE YOU KEEP A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL so you can make sure you get the right match, and you can go back to it, if necessary.  . 

This is a bit more seamless in EndnoteX4 which is better at recognizing the matching refs in a travelling library vs the user’s library and updating accordingly, but it is still good to make sure the refs inserted are the correct record for that specific citation point.