Need help!

I downloaded endnote in the beginning of the year for a class at the request of my professor, after the class i uninstalled it because i was not using it at all. However, after deleting it on my mac every time i try to open a word document a stupid message pops up saying endnote needs access to the file named… and i want to throw my laptop across the room every time, its incredibly annoying and i want it gone. 


Using Finder, try navigating to the following location on your hard drive:

Macintosh HD : Library : Application Support : Microsoft : Office365 : User Content : Startup : Word

Upon reaching the Word folder, look for and delete a file called “EndNote CWYW Word 2016.bundle”.  Once this add-in file has been removed, open a Word document again to see if the mentioned access prompt no longer appears.

Please let me know if this helps.