Remove Endnote x7 from Word for Mac

I’ve uninstalled EndNote x7 from my macbook a while ago,

yet the EndNote bar on my Microsoft Word 2016 is still appearing on my option bar.

When I try to remove it by going to [Tools] -> [Templates and add-ins] and remove EndNote, it disappears

but when I quit Word and launch word again, it appears again.

How do I remove this??

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You will want to do the following with Word closed.

Go to the folder “[Hard Drive Name] : Library : Application Support : Microsoft : Office365 : User Content : Startup : Word”
Note : If you have trouble finding the above location you need to click on Finder (in the Dock the icon of a face) to the right of Finder click on the Go menu then click on Computer then click on the Macintosh Hard Drive. You should then be able to follow the path above.
Note: In non-English versions of Word, the folder named “Startup” may be called “Start” or be in the localized language of Word.

You will want to delete any EndNote file in the folder listed above. Once the file has been deleted then reopen Word and EndNote should not load into Word anymore.

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i also have the same problem, can you give more spesific step. i can’t solve it

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may need to give examples and explanations in this thread

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What’s with that problem

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thred this is one to share

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what if deleting

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I have the same problem.

I am a Mac user, and my Word is cloud-based. So that’s why I don’t have a folder called “Microsoft”

Could you please tell me how can I remove the Endnote plugin from Word in my case?

I already deleted the application of EndNote on my computer.

Thank you!