if it’s for medically necessary  reasons do not go to your parents and  ask them for birth control I do not want  to be the one encouraging that I am just  being blatantly open and honest with you  guys on products that I really do think  have helped me get to where I am today  with my skin a lot of other beauty gurus  are like just people, in general, I feel  like wouldn’t say that part but it  played a big role in me getting rid of  my acne so I definitely didn’t want to  leave it out now I am going to shut up  and actually start doing my skincare  routine but I did just want to mention  those two things before we got started  okay guys so let me just clip my hair  back so it’s not going everywhere ohh  so step  I have my little damp towel  here with warm water I’m just going to  use it to moisten my skin dampen it up a  little bit the towel is pretty warm and  I’m using this to kind of open up.

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