New features for next versions (and bug resolution too)

Hello World,

Here are some suggestions for a next version. I reckon that some would be big, but how useful! I especially think to sort of a data base interface…

1- EN stores load of data but the interface to move/change data is very poor (Change/Move/Copy fields). It would be so nice to have more flexibility. I have in mind sort of a query language…

2 - Or at least, to have EN interfaced with XL (both in download and upload)

3 - It would also be nice have the possibility to create one’s own fields

4 - It would also be very useful that no field will be context dependent. For example, to what field corresponds the field “Edition” for Books if I am considering Journal Articles? Or at list you should provide a correspondance table

5 - Output styles should have the possibility of being multilingual, the language depending on the one of the word processor current language/dictionary

6 - It would also be very nice to have the possibility to format prefixes and suffixes (emphasised, bold, and so on…)

7 - There are still some bugs or incoherences I already mentioned. For example there is no reference resolution if a space (” ”) precedes a semi-colon. This is a problem as word processors when configured for french language add such a space…

8 - An other bug is the misfunctionning of temporary citations. If I set the ”Record Number Marker” to ¶ and if I ”Use field instead of record number:” <Label>, the reference resolution fails when I use it that way {¶xxxx} were xxxx references a unique label id, but instead returns the reference with the record number of xxxx if any…

I hope this could be of some interest…



if you trawl back through the posts a couple of years, I provided a translation of fields between reference types as an excel file

Warm regards/gary

Thanks Gary, i’ll take it, for sure, it will be of great interest for my use, right now.

Nevertheless, I think EN should provide it so that we will be sure that translations are always up-to-date

Kind regards


Here is the post with the spreadsheet… (I floated it to the top of mine!) 

Thanks Leanne !

And as you wrote, it would nice that this list be maintained by EN team :wink: