Can Field Order be Changed in References?

Can the order of fields within references be changed? I don’t see a way to do this when modifying Reference Types, and I can’t find anything in the help or manual about this, so I suspect that the order is fixed. But it would be helpful if I could rearrange the way fields are displayed when a reference is open.

I have X1.0.1 

Mike Smith 

Hello Mike,

No, doing so would essentially break EndNote and cause the formatting of the references not to function correctly.

why not? This is a glaring deficiency that evidently harks back to Endnote’s rather awkward interface. Perhaps it’s time for a recode / overhaul?

I’d simply like to promote the ‘label’ field to the top of every reference window, so that I can put in my own code to keep track of paper copies. Since I can’t do that, I have to manually remove ALL unwanted fields of EVERY reference type I wish to use just so that the ‘label’ field isn’t right down at the bottom of the page. This is HORRIBLY inflexible and quite surprising for such a noteworthy program, especially since I can easily ammend the field order in the library window.

Other quibbles: the password requirements on your forum are unnecessarily stringent. I mean if it was a system logon then OK, it’s good to have a secure password, but for a run of the mill forum? Get real endnote, that kind of security just isn’t necessary to IMPOSE on all users.

Second, my verification email went straight into my gmail spam box. You might wanna sort that out.

Thanks for an otherwise good program, pity it’s coded in such an inflexible way. Please let me know when a new edition emerges that behaves more like windows apps, not as a quirky throwback to previous editions. Thanks 

What’s even more annoying is that in edit->prefs->reference types you even state “the table cannot be used to reorder the fields in a reference window” which caused me to spend even longer looking for the menu / option that could allow me to reorder the fields. It would be better to have been honest, telling us it can’t be done in this OR ANY OTHER menu, so don’t waste your time trying:

 “the table cannot be used to reorder the fields in a reference window, so don’t even bother trying because you can’t do it. No really, there’s no way it can be done in this inflexible release”

If you’ve gone to the length of putting that note in the prefs, it suggests that we’re not the only ones requesting the ability to change field ordering. In which case please listen to us! 

I have to agree with JT7787.  I want access to all the fields but don’t want to have to scroll through all of them just to get to primary ones I want to use.  Endnote definitely needs to retool to allow users to choose the order of priority.  I have a hard time believing that allowing this will ‘break’ EndNote since surely the fields are tied to names not positions.  It’s this kind of inoperability that keeps me from doing all my work that I would desire with the program so I end up using other piecemeal solutions.

In the end, I have a hard time agreeing with your response as a ‘Solution’.

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This is something we hear requested regularly. We have researched this issue but thus far we have not been able to figure out a straightforward way to implement this without causing many backward compatibility problems.

Jason Rollins, EndNote Product Development

This might already be a dead issue, but I was just playing around in Endnote, and I thought of a possible work around… What if you created a new reference type (or modified the one you are using primarily) and just retitled all of the fields in the order you wanted, disregarding what the left hand side of that table says.  I accidentally called my “Title” field “Annotation” and Endnote was fine with that, it just called the field title.  If I went in to edit the output, instead of saying title after date, it said annotation.  So… if you changed the names of the fields, and then just made sure that the output was sticking everything where if belonged, it might work.  Worth a shot anyway. I looks to me like all fields are created equal in Endnote.  I am very new to the program though, so I might be grievously mistaken.

If you do try it out, let us all know how it worked for you!


There ARE some special fields.  Authors, Titles, Secondary Titles (Journals), and  Page numbers to name a few.  They are all handled with optional features in the Bibliography templates.  Sorting options for Output (Bibliography) would also be another feture you would probably break by assigning your own reference type swaps. 

I spent about five hours now (on and off) trying to just get verified for this thing -  THANKS for this post which mentioned that I should look in my spam file for verification.   Good GRIEF - now if only there were an answer to my actual problem…


Now, it is 2012 and therefore some years later. Has EndNote been developed so that ordering fields is now possible?

I use X3.

So far as I know, other reference systems can do it …


(and I  am just another user)

No- and if they did, I suspect it would require a complete software overhall and break any backward compatibility with users who don’t buy the new version. 

Has there been any update to this issue? I would like to move the abstract up to a higher position in the unwieldy drop-down list.  Thank you.

David G.

nope – same reason, same answer.