New Style - Revista Portuguesa de Arqueologia

I’ve been serching for the .enl style of the “Revista Portuguesa de Arqueologia” (RPA) and I was unable to find it.

It is available in .csl format but not in .enl. Tried to find a way to convert from this format, but I’ve noticed there is no way to convert .csl to .enl.

I’ve tried to make the style myself but it’s quite complicated for me to do it, so I ask you if it is possible to Clarivate to create it and to put it available for the comunity?

hopefully someone can help me with this…


I am not with Clarivate, and they seem to only accept requests for styles from the publisher, not the users.  I started with a different Revista publication and modified it and it is attached.  See if it works for you (I modified it in X8).  It is attached in a zipped file.  

Revista Portuguesa de (2.35 KB)

thanks… I will try and do that.

I’ve talked to the editor of the journal, and they seem to be in the stone age and he didn’t look interested or just don’t care…

what if I convince the editor of the journal to make that oficial request, how should he proceed?

did the attached style not work for you?  

This is the web page the editor or publisher would go to, to submit a request: 

There the text says: 

EndNote Output Style Request Form

Ready to submit a request for a new or updated output style? Before you begin, please make sure you have the URL for the journal’s author instruction page handy. We cannot process requests without this information.

Also please note the following:

  • This form is for submissions from journal editorial staff and professional staff supporting EndNote  only.
  • If a request has already been submitted, please do not submit a duplicate. Contact our Content Team and ask about the status of your previous request.
  • Requests from individuals will not be processed here. Please ask your journal editor or EndNote support staff to contact us if the output style you need is missing or inaccurate.

it’s actually ok, thanks!

I mean, it would be great for other coleagues that what to sumbit papers there to have the style available.

thats why I asked.

Thanks again!

I understand, – Share it with colleagues until the editor  enters the Endnote age!  Or maybe the style gurus at Clarivate will copy the one here in the thread to their collection!