No PDF icon in EndNote record with attachments

Dear All,

I have a user with this problem:

Many of the records in his EndNote library have attached PDFs.   The paperclip icon displays when looking at the library, but if you open a record where there is an attachment, there is no PDF icon, only a Windows one (I have not seen it).   Clicking that icon will not open the PDF.

But the PDFs are present on his computer and if he browses to them in My Computer he can open them.

The PDF icon seems to show up in records that have just been created by importing the PDF.  It seems not to be present in records that were present before we upgraded the work computers to Windows 7.

It looks like EndNote is not able to recognise these attached files as PDF.

I have seen posts on a similar topic that recommend testing opening PDFs with Foxit.  But we cannot download software on the network, so this would not be an option.

Can anyone advise?



Keith Nockels

University of Leicester Library, UK


Probably an obvious comment, but do you know if the library file hass been moved away from the library’s datafolder or if the datafolder has been moved. The attached pdf files are located in the data folder and moving the data folder may cause this kind of problems.

You say that the missing pdfs are available by browsing in My Computer. Where are the pdf files located? Is he finding them inside the data folder?

Best wishes

Jan Ove

Thank you - not an obvious comment at all, so thank you!    I will get my user to check these things.