X5 attachments don't show up until after I close Endnotes X5

When I go to attach a PDF to my citation I undergo the following steps:
I right click on the citation, I select file attachments, then I select attach file, and then I attached the PDF.  When I do this.  There is no paperclip icon indicating that there is attachment to the citation.  I also failed to get a PDF in the preview picture.

If I close and notes and open it again.  Both the paperclip icon and the PDF show up in the preview.  What do I need to do to have this show up without having to close and open up and notes?

I look forward to your assistance in this matter.


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I guess the phenomena you describe is due to the fact that the record needs to be saved before the PDF is really attached.  I find that if I click on the next record, it asks if I want to save the records and then clicking back on it, the PDF appears and is viewable. Perhaps the developers can address this behavior in a future product upgrade/release.  It should be do-able, as  if you run a find full text on the record, the attachment appears immediately upon retrieval. 

I have actually found that if I open up the citation and go to the menu bar up top and I believe it has tools/attach files and then attach the file that when I close the citation that the attachment is there.  I have adapted this new technique.

Ideally, I would like to see the program adapted so one could just drag the PDF on to the citation and have it merged.  Right now I am spending a tremendous amount of time attaching my PDFs to the citation.

I am constantly looking for efficiency.

Thanks for your input.

BTW, if you’re running Windws a new feature in X5 is you can use the shortcut CTRL+ALT+A to open the select-file dialog window. Or in the alternative, click the paper clip icon then go to the menu to select: Attach PDF.

Draggiung a PDF onto a selected reference in the library window attaches it. At least, it works for me.

Yep, Drag and drop works great either on an open record or onto that record in the library view.