ODBC driver


I am looking for an efficient way to export endnote library toward a filemaker database.

It seems that having an ODBC driver should be a good way to do so.

Could you tell me if such a feature exists, or suggest me an alternate option to export FROM endnote TO filemaker ?

kind regards,

Assuming FileMaker (or whatever “receiving” database program you’re using) can import tab-delimited files, an alternative method would be to use EndNote’s tab-delimited output style to first export references into a tab-delimited file. Then import the file into the database program.

If the EndNote tab-delimited output style isn’t available in the styles folder, use the Web Styles Finder option (located under “Help” in the EndNote toolbar) to go the support site and download the file.  Or access the site via the url: http://www.endnote.com/support/enstyles.asp