need to export records from EndNote in a format that can be imported to SQL database

I have searchd the forums but cannot find an answer. I have an EndNote database with over 5000 records. I am looking to export those records into some format that can be easily imported into a MySQL database on my website. Then I would have my web development people create an interface using PHP scripting that would allow my database to be searched according to the various fields, and return a list of all references that match the search query. Does anyone have any thoughts about how I might go about this?

Thank you in advance.


Records from an Endnote library can be exported in a variety of file formats including: XML, and text based flat files such as tab delimited or other delimiter such as .csv (with some modification of the Endnote output style file). If I recall correctly, these file formats can be imported into MySQL. However, note that Endnote’s XML format is proprietary and might not be in a form that MySQL can successfully import. So you need to test the files.

Refer to the Help menu in the toolbar for information and instructions on exporting Endnote references in a variety of file formats. In the Search box type “import” in the search results click on “About Direct Export and Import Formats”.

This does seem to happen too often with Endnote in  authorityjob. Are Microsoft so unhelpful that they don’t give addon providers any time to anticipate the changes? I don’t seem to get this happening with other software, but this is my only outside add-on with Word.