One Endnote, two computers

I have a desktop (Mac) at home which has all my references on it. When I’m out and about, I want to be able to use my library on my MacBook Air so I created an online account and uploaded my libray to Endnote web. However when I connect my laptop to the the account and hit sync, it uploads a blank library ( so wiping the online library completetly) instead of downloading my uploaded one (if that makes sense).

I’ve tried numerous ways to get this to work but I’ve reached terminal interest. Any solutions anyone?


there is a youtube video (,,) but my preferred mechanism, is that after synching to the web (which takes a long time), for the first transfer, I compress the library from the desktop and move it to the laptop computer and decompress it there.  Then the two are then identical and the syncing process works fine. Otherwise the second sync to the laptops  take forever again.     

Thanks for that. I’ve tried that solution and it didn’t work, I’m obviously doing something wrong (or the functionality that I’m after doesn’t exist) as I’ve spent hours trying to solve it and it’s just not working. Frankly, it’s driving me nuts. I’ll watch it again and see if I’m missing something.