One library, different Output styles

Hello, I’m desperately looking for a solution to the following problem: I have one library which I want to use for two different papers. After starting to write the first paper I’m now starting to write the second one. This paper requires the use of a slightly different output style. I therefore created a a further style and chose it from the menu Edit - Output Styles. When I now try to insert a citation in my second paper it is formatted in the style I previously used and not in the new one. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Which required change in the settings am I missing? Many thanks in advance. K

You just need to change the output style in the manuscript itself, not in the endnote program (which for the reasons you just described, never overrides the manuscript output style).  When you create a new manuscript, endnote “guesses” and applies an output style rather hit and miss. (that is-   I have never figured out how it picks one, sometimes it is the one you last used, sometimes it something out of the blue).  The output style can be changed from the endnote format bibliography tool or the endnote ribbon in Word. 

Of course, thank you very much.