Output styles

I have edited an output style so my jounral article titles will appear as entered (currenlty the first letter of each word is capitalised, I can’t choose the sentence case option as then country names in my titles don’t have an uppercase character at the begining of the Word). My problem is I cannot locate the new output style in the Word drop down style menu. I’ve  tried editing an existing style that appears in the Word drop down style menu although the changes are not made in my reference list. Changes are appearing in the Endnote library and I can see the new output style there, it’s just not showing in Word. I’ve tried editing different styles, opening and closing Word and Endnote, watching the online tutorials and I’m completely stuck! 

I’m using Word 16.16.15 and Mac OS 10.14.6 should that be relevant. 

Any suggestions would be much appreicated. 

The output style set in the EndNote program will always be overwritten by the style set in the document itself. This means that while you may have changed your output style from within the EndNote program, the style in the paper may keep reverting to Annotated or some other style you did not choose.

This occurs because EndNote assumes you may be working on more than one paper, and each may need different styles. EndNote does not change it for all documents, which could put you at risk to accidentally using an incorrect style. Therefore, to get a document’s style to change, you need to change it within the document itself. Here’s how:

  1. In the document, do the following:

Word 2010/2013/2016  with EndNote X4 and later: Go to the EndNote tab.

Word 2007 with EndNote X1 and later: : Go to the EndNote tab.

Word 2007 with EndNote X and earlier : Go to the Add-Ins tab and choose “EndNote > Format Bibliography.”

Word 2008/2011 with EndNote X5 : Go to the “Tools” Menu and choose “EndNote > Bibliography Settings.”

Word 2008/2011 with EndNote X7:  Go to the “Tools” Menu and choose “EndNote > Configure Bibliography.”

Word X/2000/XP/2003/2004/2008/2011 : Go to the “Tools” Menu and choose “EndNote > Format Bibliography.”

  1. Here, select the output style you’d like to use in the “Style” drop-down menu. A generic output style you can use for this purpose is the “Author/Date” style.

Note : To use a style not available on the drop-down, in Wo** rd X/2000/XP/2003/2004/2008/2011 **** and **** Wo **rd 2007 with EndNote X and earlier, click on the Browse button to select another output style. In EndNote X1 and later with Word 2007/2010/2013 and Word 2016 , choose “Select another style…” from the drop-down menu.
3. Click the OK button (or “Update Citations and Bibliography” in Word 2007/2010 and EndNote X1 and later ) to format the document using your selected style.

We also have these steps on our website: