one person, many names: merge?

I have an author who shows up (on imported references – I didn’t enter these manually) as John Smith, J. Smith, J.R. Smith, John R. Smith, JR Smith, John Reginald Smith.

And this happens quite often.

Is there a way to merge these people into one? I sure hope so, but  I have searched here under ‘merge author names’ and many variations thereof without success. Can someone please give me a hint?


You could use EndNote’s “Find and Replace”  function to search and change the Author field info. Go to the EndNote toolbar and select Edit > Find and Replace.

Perhaps this needs to go to suggestions, but I would like a way to collect “fuzzy” matches and allow them to recognized as aliases.  – Guess it might look something like the Journal Terms list?

Leanne – I agree, this would be a hugely useful feature. I’m kind of surprised it isn’t in place already.  I haven’t figured out Journal Terms yet, but I’ll get to it. Thanks.

It looks like that’s the only option, but it is a very cumbersome and inelegant way to handle things. This is one feature that Pages does have.

I posted it to “Suggestions” forum here: