Author Names - Bibliography - ISO 690

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I just acquired EndNote X2 and my bibliography must be in accordance with the Portuguese version of ISO 690 which states that author John Smith must be listed as SMITH, John

I could not figure out how this could be done in the Style Editing. Can anyone be of help ?



You can format SMITH, J. or SMITH J

But I don’t think you can capitalize only surname, leaving given name as John.

Besides, does your journal really request all the given name of authors in full? That sounds really rare for me.

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Thanks. It is not my journal it is ISO 690.

I am into a PhD and my university demands that bibliography is created as per the Portuguese norm which is a translate from ISO 690

I am surprised that EndNote cannot allow users to  configure authors as such.





I was about to ask the same question because in french, we often see this kind of formating of Author names :

CAUQUELIN, Anne, 1992. L’art contemporain. Paris : Presses universitaires de France, 127 p.

I am a librarian and for now, all I can tell students to do is to capitalize the whole name and include only the initials of the author’s first name.

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That’s really a pity.

Maybe anyone came across a solution in the meantime?

I also tried different things in EndNote but as already mentioned either the whole name is capitalized or the first name is abbreviated.