Opening PDF in reference window - X9

When I open an attached PDF in the X9 reference window, it exhibits odd behavior when navigating from one page to the next.  It immediately jumps to the page following the one I’m interested in reading.  It refuses to display the first page of any PDF, whether I use the scroll button, arrow keys, or click on the page.  When I click on any subsequent page, it immediately jumps to the next page following the one I clicked on. 

The only solution I’ve found is to open the PDF in an external program, such as Preview or Adobe Reader in Mac OS.  However, I’d prefer not to have to choose between many open Preview windows to read the PDF, and I’m hoping I can get the reference window to work in X9.  I’m using X9 on the High-Sierra Mac OS (10.13.6).  Memory use is moderate (14 of 16 GB).

Once, the problem seemed to go away when I changed the arrangement of the reference pane from “Right-split” to “Right-PDF”, but then the problem returned.  It also seemed to resolve after I closed and reopened X9, but it now persists after reopening X9. This seems to be a bug in X9, but I’m a new user and haven’t used earlier versions of EN.

This is a strange bug that appeared to start with a Mac update - happens with X8 and X9.

Have a look here:

There’s a fair bit, but the third page might help.

Wow, thanks for letting me know this problem has been experienced by many others.  I did a few searches for it in these forums before posting my question, but somehow it didn’t appear in the search results.  I guess I’ll have to be patient waiting for a fix.  I’ll note that X9 has also been crashing a lot, but that’s another question.

:)  No worries. I couldn’t find it either when I searched - I had to log in and search in my previous posts.

The crashing also happens a lot. Strangely on my rather old Mac (High Sierra) I’ve had no issues, unless I push it by quickly clicking on one reference after another.