Option in deduplication to ignore capitalization in titles

It would be useful to add an option in the dedup algorithm to “Ignore capitalization,” at least in Titles.


Biosis capitalizes each content-bearing word, while Embase uses Sentence capitalization. Biosis also occasionally uses all upper case in titles.


Ovid dedup doesn’t catch these, and in very large retrievals, this makes for a lot of manual EndNote deduping.

I usually adjust my dedup settings to look at other fields – pages, vol, author – dedup those, then maybe titles and not authors, as sometimes some databases use diacritics, for example.  It means rerunning a couple of times, to catch the variants, but prevents too much manual review.  Sometimes I even do just vol/pages, and that also brings up records not really dups, especially those that were uploaded in their prepublication database entry.  I then select the journal articles and ask Endnote to update them, so they get the vol/pages info.