Title capitalisation


In style manager (Tools → Output Styles → Open Style Manager), I can choose whether a style should capitalise titles in a headline or sentence style or whether it should leave titles as entered. Many titles in PubMed use a headline style, but many journals require a sentence style. Hence, this option is very useful.

Still, many words should be entirely in capital (eg, DNA, HIV, UK, USA, AIDS, etc) or should have their first letter always capitalised (eg, London, Germany, etc). If I choose a sentence style, Endnote will change ‘DNA’ to ‘dna’. If I choose a headline style, Endnote will change ‘DNA’ to ‘Dna’.

In Endnote I can enter words for which the case should not change (Preferences → Change Case). Unfortunately, this list is endless and might take hours to enter all words for a library that consists of hundreds of articles.


  1. When a title has a word that is entirely in capital (eg, DNA), Endnote should not change case regardless of the capitalisation setting (eg, Endnote should not change DNA to Dna or dna). Words entirely in capital should remain in capital, whatever. I think that this would be very easy to implement.

  2. Endnote should become ‘more clever’ as regards which words should have their first letter capitalised. You could have a pre-inastalled list, for example, where you will include countries, cities etc that should not have their case changed.

Thanks for reading my feedback. I hope that you will consider it in a future version of Endnote! Suggestion 2 might not be easy and practical to implement, but suggestion 1 will be very easy to implement and would be very useful.


Hi Anthony, Even I faced the issue mentioned in suggestion 1. The NiSO4 turns into Niso4.