Organization as author

I’m trying to fill in an organization as author, but endnote interprets it as a name. So: ‘Water Managment Board’ becomes: ‘Board, W.M.’ in my reference list, while I want to remain it as I typed it.

Does anyone has a solution for this?

You need to put a comma after the organization name in the library. For example, this should be entered as follows:

Water Management Board,

Please see this article for more information:

Dear Community, I have a problem related to this topic.

First, like in the question above “Water Management Board,” (with the comma) is displayed as intended as one name.

If I export this citation as a *.txt RIS file, the “Water Mangement Board” is the author, again as intented.

Now: If I rename the file to become a *.ris file and reimport this file to EndNote the “Water Mangement Board” is imported as “Board, W. M.”

The reason, I assume, is that the trailing comma is lost when exporting the file and thus when reimported EndNote treats the “Water Mangement Board” again as seperate names.

Edit: “Company GmbH” in the *.ris file is diplayed as “Company Gmb, H.” when imported by EndNote (regardless if imported via the import menu, or by simple doubleclick the *.ris file)

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