OSCOLA book section repeats the book title in the brackets can't change style

I am using OSCOLA on endnote for the first time and with all my book sections (chapters) the book title is repeated. I delete the reference and input it again into endnote, but nothing works. I tried to change the output style as I see in the output style book title is twice, but for some reason it says the document could not be saved as the file does not exist. I am very frustrated as I need to hand an article in with this FN style soon and am almost about to go through and manually input it all, but don’t want to have to do that so any advice on both issues would be most appreciated. 

Example of repeat:

Kanayathu Koshy and others, ‘Impacts of Pollutants in the Asia-Pacific Region’ in Nick Harvey (ed), Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management: The Asia-Pacific Region (Global Change and Integrated Coastal Management: The Asia-Pacific Region Springer Science & Business Media 2007) 272.

Output style - why is it like this?: This is for the bibliography section though, not sure about the citation itself. 

Author|, ‘Title’| in Editor (ed)^(eds), Book Title|, vol Volume| (|Book Title, |Edition edn, |Publisher |Year|)

In the OSCOLA 4th ed (dated 2015) I see book chapter template as

Author|, ‘Title’| in Editor (ed)^(eds)|, Book Title|, vol Volume| (|Series Title, |Edition edn, |Publisher |Year|) 

and not a repeat of Book Ttitle )unless your records have duplicated the information in Book Title in the Series title field).  

You can retrieve this for the desktop version, as it is available for downloading from the endnote styles webpage (access from Endnote thru the Help menu, “Endnote output styles”).  If you can’t save this new style, you probably have altered the user location of the preferences for folder location to the  installed styles folder rather than the user writable location.  

Since Windows 7, the Program Files folder is “write protected” in that it will not allow programs to alter the contents and this generates apending of the word “copy”  when you try to save an edited file.  I suspect that someone changed the folder location in preferences to point to the Program Folder location.  The default should be set to a local folder, usually a subfolder of my documents or library/doucuments/endnote/styles, but you can change it to any write permited folder.  In current versions of Endnote, the program pulls the output styles (or filters or connection files) from two locations.  Installation folder - usually in the Program Files/endnote folder and the user defined in preferences folders. 

You need to edit your preferences to point to the new - writable location (edit preferences, folder location) to avoid having the copy error in the future.  This also means when you install/upgrade, etc, endnote, you don’t lose your edited or downloaded styles, they are still safe in the user’s folder location.