Question about Output Styles


First - please excuse any mistakes in my post because english is not my native language.

So I’ve got a little problem with my Output Style in Endnote.

I do have titles within a series with and without Series Volume (e.g. Studies in Egyptology vs OBO 4) or completly without a series.

Now I want endnote to write the series title always in brackets like “(Studies in Egyptology)” - independently if there is a series volume or not. So I wrote

Book Title (Series Title Series Volume) l , Pages

This works good for Book Sections without a series - Title, Pages.

But now when I do have a title with a series (eg Studies in Egyptology) it comes out like: Title (Studies in Egyptology, Pages. So the closing-bracket is missing. I guess I see the problem - the closing-bracket is dependent on the “Series Volume” - so if there’s no volume there’s no bracket. So I tried to separate the ) from the Series Volume:

Book Title (Series Title Series Volume l ) l , Pages

The result for books within a series is as I want it to be: Title (Studies in Egyptology), Pages.

But when I have a book with neither Series-Title nor Volume it comes out like: Title), Pages.

So the closing-bracket ) is independent from the whole content of the brackets. But it should be dependent on the fact if there’s a “Series-Title” or not. Is there any possibility to accomplish this? Probably something I could put behind the Series-Title to tell endnote “only-write-this-when-there’s-nothing-to-it’s-right”?

I hope my post is comprehensible.