Other output style in Pages(Mac) ?


I’ve just used Endnotes today everything is going well until I find out that in Pages  doesn’t allow me to choose other output style. In Edit>Endnote Citation>Bibliography format There are only four output style but I want to use PLoS. Even though I have selected PLoS in corresponding library but no change in Pages.

Any help?

See if the excerpt from the end of this FAQhelps? 

Pages 09 : Go to the “Edit” Menu and choose “EndNote Citations> Bibliographic format.”

Select the style directly from this menu.

To use a style not on the menu, quit Pages and go to EndNote X2 or later program.

In EndNote, go to the Edit Menu and choose “Output Styles > Open Style Manager.”

Here, simply place a check in the “Favorites” box in front of the desired Style.

To use the style in Pages 09, close both Pages and EndNote and then open them to see the style in Pages.

Thanks a lots.

Just relaunching the programs and everything works.

I’ve looked for that FAQ but didn’t find it.