Outlook 2010 & X.5

Dear All,

Is there any possibilities to incert citation (from a X.5 database) onto an email written with Oulook 2010 ?

Word seems to be the default text editor of Outlook 2010, i mean it seems to be embedded into Outlook but there is no more Endnote tab into Outlook.

Any idea ?



Not sure if the toolbar can be activated, but there is always the trick of ctrl K from endnote, to copy one or more formatted references to paste into a document or email. 

You can compose your message in Word, format the citations and bibliography, select all (ctrl-a), copy, and paste into your email message. It worked for a simple test document and ought to be good enough for email.

You could copy the bibliography citation from the EndNote “Preview” window then paste it into the Outlook email message.