Output Styles (removal of)

Hi All when installing Endnote 20 a couple of months back I rather exuberantly, said “install all” for output styles of which I seem to have 2769. Of which, 2700 (at least) are superfluous. I can’t find any way to delete output styles.
I assume it can be done, but I can’t find how. Does anyone know how to do it? Preferably in groups or blocks of them, I don’t want to have to delete 2700 individually!

The styles are installed in the program folder in a folder called “styles” – on a PC anyway, you can search for files ending in *.ens – There you can go and select them and delete them via the folder structure. Maybe copy the ones you want to keep somewhere else temporarily, then select all and delete the rest and move the saved ones back-- or save them to your home styles folder. Endnote saves styles to two places. the read only folder in the program folder, and the read/write location in your home directory styles folder. That when when you update endnote program – it doesn’t overwrite the styles you have collected or edited. – alternatively you can delete all the program installed styles from there, and download the ones you need from the “help” menu in the program, as you need them. they get saved to your home/styles folder.

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It is very simple! Just in case you want to keep them, rename that Styles folder to “All Styles ex EN” or similar – EN will not see it then. Create a new folder named Styles, and drag (or option-drag, or alt-drag) the styles you want to use into that Folder – you are right, I have only 20-30 in there and it is MUCH easier to navigate. B.t.w. some styles need minor editing. For example, the styles for superscripted in-text citations often have a space after the comma between 2 or more citations – no journal does this, so I edit the style and add a 2-letter code to the style-name so that I know I have edited this one! Hope this helps!

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Thanks for that. For some reason, I was hoping that I had missed a delete button in the output styles manager.
Good advice re backing up the styles before deleting.

QUESTION: WHY isn’t there a delete button on the output style manager?