How to export and import an edited output style

I work on a Word document at two places. At one place I have Endnote X4 and I created my own style. When I continue to work at home with Endnote X.0.2 and want to insert a citation, the program says it doesnt recognize the style. So how do I export the style at work and import it here?

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The edited output style is in the style folder specified in your preferences.  By default this is usually the  “My Documents/Endnote/Styles” folder.   You can copy it from there to the new computer.  If you open the file and “Save As” removing the “copy” part of the name, it will save it to the default folder automatically and be available to the program when you work on it on the other machine.

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Thank you very much! I will try that as soon that I have the opportunity and copy the file in the styles folder of my other PC. Thanks again, that’s helping a lot!