Patched version keeps asking for Endnote Web account on startup

I patched Endnote X2 before I was required to uninstall Endnote X2 and do a fresh install of X2.0.1 (which is a topic for another thread.)

Now, whenever I open X2.0.1 it asks for an Endnote Web Account. I don’t use, nor wish to use, Endnote Web at this time. Every time I tell it to not integrate. I would prefer to not have to repeat this process each time, and for Endnote to remember that preference.

There is a FAQ which I think answers this question.

But the answer to that FAQ implies that there will be a second patch to EndNote X2. Could one of the Thomson staff tell us if, and when, that is likely to happen?

Thanks for the pointer to fixing this, John. I’ll direct my IT-savvy patrons to it.

From a user point of view, it shouldn’t be necessary for us to tweak our registry to stop such nagging. Many of my patrons would not feel comfortable doing so. Nor should we have to download another patch to patch the patch. I hope these issues will be addressed for the next release of the software.

Hi Melinda,

Sorry for the delay, we’ve been working on getting a simpler solution for customers to use, which has now been updated in the above FAQ.  It’s simply an application that performs the steps for you, a bit more foolproof than having users directly edit their registry.

Thanks, Rick.