Patents citations


I’m having a problem with citing patents in my word document. I Am Using APA 6th and whenever I insert a patent into my document it does the bibliography fine but the intext citation alway shows up as (author, year) but because its a patent the in text citation should be (U.S. patent No. 123,445, 2003) for example. The reference in my endnote library is a patent “reference type” so why does it not reconise what the patent in text citation should be?

Thanks to anyone who can help

A workaround might be to edit the citation to omit the Author which will “hide” the citation by creating a blank section for manually typing-in the in-text citation (U.S. patent No. 123,445, 2003) without disturbing the bibliography entry. This workaround also addresses the situation where the Inventor field contains information which is not producing a correct in-text citation.

Thanks for quick reply and good solution