Author citation

I am using APA 6th style but the I can’t seem to get any authors’ names in the in-text citation [eg The results of the study showed that glucose will deteriorate over time (2009)].  I would like the in-text citation to look like the examples below:

(Smith, Lee, Dickson, Brown & Joan, 2009)

(Jones, et al., 2010)

Currently, my in-text citation only has the Year in parenthesis even though the citation templates have stated Authors.  I have also checked my endnote entry and all my authors are entered as follows:

Smith, J R.

Brown, A. I.

Please see the attached document.  Does anyone know the solution to my problem?  Thank you.



Can you convert the citations to temporary (unformated) citations from the endnote tool bar?  and take a screen shot of the word document with one or two citations that aren’t being properly formated?  

Can you take a screen shot of the endnote toolbar or include it in the screen shot you take above?  

lnisroc wrote:

…Currently, my in-text citation only has the Year in parenthesis …

Are you able to edit the citation to change the formatting to  (Author-Year)?  (Put  your cursor on the citation and either:  1)   right-click, select Edit Citation(s),  then  Default  Format; or 2) Edit &  Manage Citation(s)  from the Endnote tab In the

MS Word  ribbon  then in the pop-up dialog box , change the Formatting  setting to Default ,

If somehow you did manage to get them all as “no author” and the author isn’t included in the temporary citation, you can go into preferences in the endnote program (edit>preferences in the PC version) and go to “formatting” and uncheck the box that says “Omit Author and/or Year from formatted citation if removed from temporary citation”  – This will restore the authors to the formatted citation.  (but then you can’t use “no author” or “no year” settings)