PDF handling

Many of our customers asks for EndNote to be able to save attached and imported PDFs into one folder/same folder.

As it is today EndNote saves each attached and imported PDF into a seperate subfolder with a non-informative number as name for the subfolder (in the PDF library folder).

Easier lookup/overview for finding PDFs (outside of EndNote).

Best regards,

Torgrim Sandvoll

Alfasoft AS

(Nordic distributor of EndNote)


I agree 100% with Torgrim! I too would very much like to have all the PDFs saved in the same folder. It’s very annoying that each one is saved in a separate folder. We frequently need to get multiple/all PDFs out from an EndNote-library and it’s almost impossible the way they are organized now.

I also get questions about this frequently from the researchers I help with EndNote.


This suggestion is simple and would be important to most users

Why has it not been implemented after a year?

One more vote for flexible PDF folder incl. avoiding the at random numbering of subfolders.

Edit > Preferences > PDF Handling

Add definition of PDF Folder location (local or network).