PDF View Pane in a separate window


I’ve got another suggestion. I have a program, in which, I can edit my pdfs. Unfortunately, EndNote does not allow to save pdfs because it is protected by EndNote. I understand it is a good feature and I can see it is probably because EndNote’s PDF Viewer is on.

I would like to have sort of option which would let me decide if I want PDF Viewer or nor. Or If PDF viewer was in a separate pane, that would be great.


You can turn off the PDF viewer (I have it off!) 

From the help:

PDF Preferences

To turn off PDF viewing, go to Edit > Preferences > PDF and clear the check box in the Library Window panel. After you turn off the PDF Viewer feature, the PDF & Quick Edit tab changes to Quick Edit.  You will not be able to view PDF files in the PDF Viewer pane after you turn off this feature. However, you can always return to the Preferences dialog and turn on the PDF Viewer.

Hi - You can turn off the PDF Viewer in your preferences and this will allow you to edit in another PDF editor. We’re currently investigating the PDF viewer options related to your suggestion about a separate pane.

Thanks for the feedback.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

however,in the new version X6,the pdf view in edit/preference is gone.it makes some uncomfortable.:cry: