Separate PDF-viewer with tabs

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IF YOU WANT TO VIEW A PDF FILE in a separate window, you have to click a reference title for the summary side window, then click the “PDF” tab to see the PDF file and then click “Open this PDF in a separate window”. For each file/reference, you will have a new window each time you want to view a particular PDF file. Then the separate PDF windows will add up. It would be great to have PDF files in tabs collected in one preview window, as well as separate windows (like you can have in Adobe Acrobat). The separate PDF window could be there right from the start as one step when you click on a reference, instead of having to go through three steps. If you are using multiple screens, the separate PDF window with tabs feature could display as standard on a second screen when opening EndNote.
It is normally the case, when you search for a specific term/word and get a search list of papers where that term appears, you want to select and view several of the papers that come up. You want to read the selected papers with as few clicks as possible and arrange them within one separate window to easily browse through and compare. You might want to repeat the search process with another term/word and have a new separate PDF viewer window with tabs for those PDFs, next to the first batch of PDFs. Perfect also if you have multiple screens to work on.

Much of research work is about cross-examining and comparing multiple sources. Being able to order those efficiently to get a clear overview makes the work so much easier.

Further ideas/functions can be discussed.

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