Please restore 'show group' in right-click menu

I feel sooo assured when I see so many ‘suggestions’ in this forum. The old endnote versions are collections of user suggestions accumulated in decades. And the new develop team just delete them arbitrarily. Well done in terms of ruining this software!

The ‘show group’ button is very useful if you have hundreds of groups and don’t remember which group dose this specific paper belongs to.

Please please please follow everyone’s suggestions and make Endnote great again…


I’d also like to see the fuction be able to “show groups” for multiple records.  Ideally, i’d want to cut/past the list of groups for use/analysis elsewhere. 

E.g. I use many smart groups to count records containing a specic grant ID codes (e.g. in the funding acknolowledgement sections of many papers). If i could get a list of these groupls for multiple records, then i can separately look up the total grant value (and other info) associate with the multiple publications.   This is useful information for depmonstrating the funding impact of research facilities that support many researchers.