Possible bug in EN 21.0.1 update for MacOS

After installing the EN 21.0.1 update on MacOS, the record preview in the bottom right window disappeared. Does anyone know how to fix this other than reinstalling the old version?

I have the same bug here. No preview of references in the panel, but styles are available and can be changed. The bug is not present in the Windows version of 21.0.1.

If it is any help, I don’t have that problem in Wi11 (on x86)

I have the same problem after this update. Both my Macs (Mac Mini & a MacBook Air) updated my Endnote recently and the same bug has appeared on both machines. Although at times the Endnote on the Mac Mini has displayed something in that record preview window in the correct style, it’s a bit hit and miss as to when it does this. I can only assume that the next update will correct this issue…?

So, somewhat stupidly, they haven’t fixed this yet. The workaround is to expand the window all the way across the screen. If you do that, the text appears. It is a problem with the textbox size, I think.

As a matter of fact, the preview window in the EN21 version for MacOS was badly designed from the very beginning. Have you noticed that the preview window takes up a large part of the interface when the application is launched? When I tried to make it smaller, the reference text in the preview window would not wrap. The 21.0.1 update on both my Macs (iMac & MBP) fixed this, but the reference text was no longer visible, although it could be copied. It seemed to me that if I described the bug here, it would be fixed quickly, but in the meantime - as you can see - we are all waiting. I reinstalled the EN21 version. I found out how to fix the problem with the missing line breaks. I resize the window and then force a sync, which - until the app is closed - keeps the preview window at the width I want.

I think the preview is set to appear in a table column, and the column width in some cases is zero. In my case, you can see how the narrow column width wastes vertical screen space.

Hi all, related to this EN 21 MacOS error, I am also seeing that I cannot adjust the reference toolbar columns within the main library view:

Any one else experiencing this issue? I am also not able to see the reference citation view in the bottom right pane for references. I’ve just updated to EN 21.0.1 (Bld 19231) last Friday, August 11.

Thanks all.

It seems to me that the EN team is constantly ignoring MacOS users. It has been a long time since the problem was reported. And nothing has happened. They are happy to make money off of us, and as soon as we are tempted to buy their new product, hoping that this time there will be no problems working on MacOS, they stop supporting us. Once again I’ve been made a fool of!

Thanks, folks

You say that like it is a bad thing… :grinning:
However, they are also ignoring god’s own PC users…

It seems to me that Clarivate are in a different track to their users.
I Note on the Wikipedia page for End not is this:
" With the release of version 4.0 in ca. 2000, EndNote attained most of its current functionality. In the same year EndNote was acquired by Institute for Scientific Information’s (ISI) Research Soft Division, part of Thomson Corporation. Since then, i.e. for the last 20 years, EndNote’s functionality has not had any substantial changes"

I don’t know if anyone else agrees with that statement.

Year after year we are paying for “upgrades” that are do not appear to bring any major improvements.

I called clarivate and reported this problem with version 21.1 for mac, which I am also experiencing. They said they are working on fixing it with an update. I didn’t notice the problem with version 21 not wrapping.