Can't see reference type when editing output style

I just updated to 21.1 on Mac, and hoped that this error would be fixed, but I didn’t see a change. I cannot see the reference type for each template when I’m editing the output style. This applies on the citations or bibliography page for a reference style:

It seems like the labels are there in the output style window, but they are just hidden by the layout. For example, on the one I have selected in blue in the image, there is a row of underlined text above but it is cut off.

I’m experiencing this issue, too, including with the most up-to-date endnote version. It makes Endnote unusable and I’ve started switching over to Zotero.

I just updated to v21 in April 2024 and discovered this bug. When will it get fixed? This simple formatting bug is a deal breaker because I can no longer change reference styles without being able to see which reference type is getting edited. This alone may force me to a competitor’s product because I cannot use reference entries that do not conform to what my editors require. This saddens me, as I have used EndNote since grad school over 20 years ago.

Please, EndNote developers–make this a high priority to fix! It likely only requires making the cell in the table slightly taller so that the font does not get cut off during display. That should be an easy fix!

If it matters, I am using v21.2 on OSX 14.4.1. At first I thought maybe the issue was a light/dark mode incompatibility with the font getting hidden by the color. However, this is not the case.

Thanks for working on this!

Is this the bug you have encountered?

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Yes, that’s the same issue. Thanks for pointing out the workaround! I had not figured that out yet. Hopefully, this gets fixed quickly.

The same problem, since update to Sonoma. I stil keep ENX9.3.3 on my mac, and it has the same issue.

It was reported that in the new update of EndNote 21.3, this issue has been fixed!